Sunday, March 04, 2012

Ljubljana, Slovenia

I've stopped in Ljubljana, Slovenia on the way to Germany for a business trip. I have a connection to this place via a dear friend who spent a fair amount of time here around the turn of the last century. Through him, I met Tadej, a Ljubljana native who was my gracious and excellent host during my three day stay, though we both agreed that Aaron was the guiding force behind our every activity. Through sheer determination and lack of sleep, we managed to check off everything on what I'm sure Aaron did not intend to be our to-do list.

I arrived on a Wednesday night without my luggage, it having been left behind by the airline in Amsterdam. The Nuremberg bag police said they would forward it on to Ljubljana, which is not a promise I had much faith in, imagining my bag one step behind me until I arrived back in Portland.

In my sink laundered shirt I headed out on Thursday morning to take in the sights of Ljubljana. My hotel was just a few steps away from the main square.

Slovenia 018

Note the castle on the hill in the background, from where I would be snapping a photo of this very spot an hour later.

Winding through the cobblestone streets, I was photographing a strange door when someone opened it to leave the building, revealing the cathedral, which I had been headed to, inside. St. Nicholas!

Slovenia 027

Slovenia 035

Then up the hill to Ljubljana Castle for some stunning viewage



The big pink building is where I was standing when I took the photo of the castle from the main square!

Tadej met me for a cappuccino at Macek followed by lunch at Trta where we shared a pizza with a fried egg on top. Sunny side up.



In the remaining daylight after lunch, we visited the Butcher's bridge, which couples in love attach padlocks to, and the Dragon bridge which, well...Dragons!!!



Afterward I took my promised and much needed nap, which was difficult because when I got back to the hotel I received a call from the front desk to tell me that my lost bag had been delivered by the airline which is always very, very exhilarating!

Tadej made us pasta for dinner and I met his utterly charming kitten, Lumpa.

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Jen said...

I love every single picture and every single caption in this post. (a cat AND a dragon? it can't get any better!)