Sunday, July 24, 2011


Made it smoothly to Guangzhou, where everything promptly fell apart. Well, not really, but I broke my sunglasses and my luggage missed the connection in Hong Kong. Apparently it will be delivered to my hotel tonight, though the concierge laughed a little and told me it could also very easily be tomorrow.

In the meantime I'd like to take a moment to individually celebrate some of the items in my carryon bag.

1) toothbrush/paste(Yay!)
2) deodorant(Yay!)
3) plug converter(Yay!)
4) clean underwear(OMG YAY!)
5) Imitrex (Yay!)
6) Makeup (Yay!)

Conversation I had with the woman at lost luggage:

W: Your bag wll arrive on the next flight tonight (in a tone that implied: "and now I am done with you")
Me: ... Will you deliver it to my hotel?
W: Yes. (in a tone that implied: "and now I am done with you")
Me: ... Do you need the hotel information?
W: Yes. (handing me a pen)

Had a nice lunch with some co-workers and I have a pedicure in an hour (my first ever!). So things are looking up.