Thursday, May 27, 2010


Sevilla was the first stop on our "Best of Southern Spain" whirlwind tour. The two top sights are the Cathedral and the Real Alcazar, both of which were completely breathtaking. It was no surprse that the city is crawling with tourists of all nationalities. We were mistaken for German more than once. This could possibly be related to the fact that I've spent so much time in Germany lately that I can't stop speaking my small arsenal of niceties in German rather than Spanish, which I've spent months trying to break myself of the habit of speaking while in Germany.

We managed to continually be hungry at the wrong times, wandering around in ever-widening circles to find restaurant after restaurant closed for this strange nightly dead time between four and eight or so. But you can pretty much always get ice cream, which is great since the weather was in the 80s and you cream!

Dag found a terrific hotel right in the heart of everything with a kitchen so we could cook breakfast.

It was only a couple of blocks away from the tram station that took us to the bus stop on Wednesday morning as we headed for Granada.

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