Thursday, May 27, 2010


Here are some things Granada has a lot of:
MC Hammer pants

The city is much larger than I expected. There is a lot of this:

But there is also a busy downtown area with all the modern urban shops you would expect.

But then there are groups of dreadlocked pot smoking hippie types playing spontaneous music in the park.

Granada is really interesting.

I kind of wish we had one more day here.

We spent the morning at the Alhambra, which was of course, stunning.

After a nap and some food, we wandered around town some more. Tomorrow we are on a bus to Cordoba


Jen said...

I hope you guys bought yourselves some Granadian Hammer Pants as a souvenir...

I love your travel updates!

Leslita said...

I think I will just live on with the memory of my (leopard print!) hammer pants from the late eighties.