Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Internet has been down for a couple of days. Here is what's been happening:

Hot and lazy day
Panades and manatees
Ice cream for dessert

Breakfast time drama
Profane threats angry tirade
All about some bikes

Power and water
You can't take them for granted
It's stinky and dark

Boom creek canoe ride
New game: log or crocodile?
Birds fly overhead

Spiders in branches
Can't steer canoe from their path
Heebie jeebie dance

Town water pump broke
Refreshing baby wipe bath
Good time to go home

I love panades
A corn patty stole my heart
Come here, tasty love

No water this week
Chalkboard fish is out of words
What about my eggs?

It's been a while since
"One More Night" has floated through
Our open window

Conserving water
Dag rinsed my head with a cup
Clean hair at long last

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