Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Relaaaaaaaax...don't do...anything

Today we succeeded in doing a whole lot of nothing at all. It was marvelous.

Part of our lunch was a big plate of fruit which included Dragonfruit. Have you ever had this? The inside is like a giant violet kiwi and the outside is like a swollen rhubarb with fins.

Tonight we are making nachos, as it is Tuesday, our normal night to go to the Redrum. Last night we had some nachos at this Mexican restaurant near our hotel where the lady actually spoke Spanish to us without really caring whether that worked for us or not. Fortunately between the two of us we know enough that we were able to complete the transaction. Unfortunately their version of nachos is like what you would get at 7-11 only it cost $9. So tonight we make it all better under the broiler with some real cheese and black beans and pico de gallo!

Tomorrow, fingers crossed for turtles!

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