Monday, September 28, 2009

The Plan

Here are all the sites Dag and I plan to hit on the Bali tour that starts this Friday evening! Well, the first few sites we'll hit will be a bunch of airports, but starting Sunday, we will be in Seminyak getting massages and recovering from jet lag.
The map is a little wider than it used to be because the last few days we've been talking seriously about taking a day trip to see the Komodo dragons and that's quite a bit further East.
I'm already starting to lay out my stuff. The cats are already getting weird about it. Diva has made a permanent sofa out of my carry-on bag and Chloe is flailing about on her back with my eye mask. Oh no, now she's moved on to canoodling with the Altoids tin. Diva just walked away in disgust, which is saying something because that meant she had to separate from her new best friend the backpack.

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