Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Soaking, Hiking and Politics

Yesterday after our nap we had a good soak in the pool as the sun went down

Then we gained access to the giant flat screen remotes and watched the election results come in.

Later we got hungry and when Dag ventured out to see if we could get some food by our TV he discovered that they were also watching the election in the bar! We didn't even have to interrupt any Futbol games to tune in - it seemed that everyone was interested. We were the only Americans present but not the only ones rooting for Obama.

Today after breakfast we took a short hike behind the resort

After an afternoon soak, we plan to take a quick walk to some restaurants we saw on the way up for some more authentic cuisine. Nothing against the restaurant here, but it's tailored for the tourist taste.
My sunburn has calmed down enough that I may even get a massage later.
I love vacation!

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