Monday, November 03, 2008


We are back from the Galapagos and just as you may have heard, it is amazing. Adjectives really don't do it justice. Here are some photos instead.

Later: I have uploaded my first video to YouTube and it is of this Iguana!

As you can see, animals in Galapagos don't know that humans are sucky and have absolutely no fear of us. In fact, many of them are curious and will walk, shuffle or swim right up to you for a closer look. It's like one big communal zoo where we are being looked at just as much as looking.

Now we are both trying to lose our sea legs.

In a couple of hours we are being picked up by Alfredo to go to Papallacta Hot Springs. Hopefully my half-healed sunburn will allow me to enjoy the pools.

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Anonymous said...

HOLY COW! I cannot imagine. My cousins have gone three of four times, and I can see why.