Thursday, November 06, 2008

Ecuadorian Food!

I haven't made a food post in a while and yesterday we had a lunch well worthy of the honor. We walked outside the confines of the resort to a cluster of rustic looking restaurants. It was lucky I had my Spanish/English phrasebook on me with the little section of food translations or we might have ordered the Hoof Soup. Instead, we each got the pan-fried trout which came with the most amazing sauce that was still bubbly from being mixed fresh in the kitchen. The entire place was run by one small woman probably in her mid to late 60s who ran back and forth from taking orders to cooking to serving to taking money, sometimes getting (her husband?) up from his hoof soup to help her deliver plates that were stacked up the length of both of her arms.

The trout was incredible!

We are going back there today before our ride back to Quito.


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dam look at that woah i wnt 2 eat it now now now (slurpe) bet tat taste good 2 bad im not over there i wnt 2 go bak 2 my country