Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh My God

When we arrived at PDX and were waiting in line to checkin with Delta, a floater employee came by. I showed her my itinerary and she said "Oh. My. God.". Not what you want to hear at a Dr´s office or an airport. She sent us through another line to see an agent who told us that Oh My God meant that they stopped running the flight we were booked on months ago. The agent looked at my itenerary and shook her head and muttered "Orbitz..." under her breath. We waited dejectedly while I wondered over and over to myself why I had not confirmed the flights. I always confirm the flights! GAH! Well, after 15 minutes of dead silence except for the tikka-tikka-tikka of her keyboard, she informed us we'd be headed to LAX through Salt Lake City. Groan! But really, that was so much better than her saying "Sorry! Good luck! Bye now!"
Once in LA, we spent the afternoon with some friends eating sushi and playing board games with their ridiculously engaging son.
Our checkin at LAX was seamless but when we arrived in Colombia we were informed that due to weather we could not land in Bogota, which was to be just a quick stopover before the same plane continuted on to Quito. So we landed in Cali instead. Judging from the crowd that gathered outside the airport fence to check us out, I got the feeling that Cali doesn't see a lot of full size jets.

So after a short wait (well, it seemed short to me because I was asleep - I'm not really sure how long we were there), we took off again and this time successfully landed in Bogota.
By noon we were safely at our hotel in Quito having a coffee and some ceviche and exciting salty table munchies in the restaurant.

Afterwards we found a mini-mart down the street and got a gallon of water, a bottle of wine and took a short walk around the area to orient ourselves. I am super excited about the variety of restaurants to try. But for today, the plan is to lay low and rest up. Dag is napping and I have developed a Monster Travel Migraine so I will join him momentarily.

We will be here for the next three nights and on Thursday leave for the Galapagos Islands. Tomorrow we will most likely walk around the Old Town area where all the beautiful churches and local culture can be found, unlike the Mariscal where our hotel is, otherwise known as Gringolandia! Tuesday I believe we will find our way to the monument at the Equator.

So far everyone here seems very friendly and helpful. We have not been approached by anyone trying to sell us anything except the chiclet lady weaving amongst traffic at the stoplight.

And now, it is naptime.


Anonymous said...

Dude! Marcus is in Ecuador RIGHT NOW (I think)--helping MJ get settled in (she moved there). Try him at nohorse(at)gmail(dot)com

Thanks for the ping--I hope your trip is great. Sorry I've been so lame at keeping in touch. Say hey to Dag.


Eileen said...

That check-in experience would have laid me out flat. You are SUCH a good traveler.

Leslita said...

Eileen, it really helps to have a travel companion like Dag. When things go wrong, we just look at each other, frown, shrug and move forward. No finger pointing or pouting or grousing - it makes all the difference when we're both making a big effort to stay positive and keep things in perspective.