Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cotopaxi Volcano

Today we hired a guide to take us to the Cotopaxi National Park. Our jovial guide filled the two hour ride with lots of interesting facts about Ecuador and the sights we passed by on our journey South. Due to yesterday's heavy rain, we were not able to drive to the ususal 4000+m elevation as the road was washed out. So we hiked around a lagoon around 3000+m and boy could I feel the difference in my lung capacity. Especially after lunch when the car battery died and we got out to push! I am a girl and all, but when something needs done (and in my opinion this needed doing!), I am able to accomplish quite a bit, physically. But after just a little pushing, my lungs and legs would not support my efforts for one more moment. It was fruitless anyway. The engine would not pop into 2nd. So we flagged down a guy who towed us to the top of a small hill. Here is Dag helping to push

This also did not work. So our guide walked off far enough to get a signal on his phone and called a friend to come get us. While we waited, we pushed the car up another small hill and then rolled all the way down to the tourist center where another friend of our guide brought out a battery charger and got us up and running. I don't have a ton of great photos to post as it was pretty cloudy and we didn't get to see too much of the Cotopaxi itself, but it was a fun day, car trouble and all.

Later: OK, when I said I didn{t have anything in the way of photos, what I really meant was "There is a line behind me for the internets and I feel guilty!" so now I have some time and I will show you that I did indeed get some rather nice photos from Cotopaxi National park!

Dag at the tourist center back in happier times when the car was still working

Walking around the Lagoon

Our guide leading us towards the bricks and logs bridge he expected us to walk across (we did)
Half sun half clouds and a broken down 4WD
The most we ever saw of Cotopaxi Volcano


A cute bug on some grass!

Tomorrow we are taking a much shorter trip to the surely cheesy Equator museum.

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The video was great. Again, you are troopers.