Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wednesday wanderings

Warning: disturbing image to follow!

Today I saw both the cutest and the most hideous sights of the entire trip, both within the same hour.

I'll start with the good news:


Yes, last year's baby girl from Los Portales del Caribe is now a full-grown toddler and massive tip-magnet. Her mom put a santa hat on her and gave her a notepad and pencil when they came out to take our order. Yes, I died.

Then on the walk home Dag says nonchalantly: Oh hey...tarantula.


There was no way I was getting in close enough to give you something for scale. He or she was about the size of my hand without the fingers. But if you stretched out all eight legs it would have been the size of my hand WITH the fingers! I really like bugs a lot - but tarantulas are really too big and fuzzy and creepy. I was such a strange mixture of elated and horrified I didn't know what to feel! Every so often during the remainder of the walk home I'd burst out with a strangely gleeful sounding "AAAAAAACKKKK!"


Jen said...

OMG! That thing is freaking me out! The little girl is very adorable though.

Baby Boy D said...

Now if the spider had been on the top of the child...that would have been crazy! And funny. It looks like you are having big fun. Portland misses you.