Saturday, December 01, 2007

Sleeping and Eating in Cozumel

We arrived well, although dead tired, yesterday (Friday) late morning and took a taxi to our hotel. I was cranky all over the place, even though I'd gotten by far the most sleep of the two of us. Dag keeps telling me about things that happened on the flight from Houston to Cozumel and I keep saying things like: "they played a movie???". I also slept a bunch during the layover with my hat pulled down over my eyes and my mouth hanging wide open. Still, when we arrived, Dag was the one all raring to go go go and I was pouting on the couch. The idea of having a late lunch at El Foco perked me right up and we decided to see how long it would take us to walk downtown since the hotel turned out to be a lot closer in than we had expected it to be. It only took a half hour to reach our favorite superstore Chedraui and another 15 minutes to get to El Foco, which we found CLOSED!
After wiping our tears, we backtracked to La Choza and had some stellar Ceviche and that crazy-good dip they serve with fresh made chips.
We picked up some supplies at Chedraui and walked back to the hotel and both fell asleep reading on the couch. We did some exploration of the area just south of us, discovering two markets that sold the same stuff we had hauled back from Chedraui earlier...good to know...and then made friends with a hermit crab
and watched the cruise ships leaving port and making room for the next bunch the next day. Cozumel is much different than it was last year, tourist-wise. A guy who served us some much-needed iced teas (it's HOT here this year) was telling us that last year people were still spooked by the whole Hurricane Wilma thing and were staying away. Now they're coming back in droves. Downtown is almost unbearably touristy but it does make for some interesting people watching. Within the span of five minutes we saw both a full grown man wearing a giant clown-sombrero and a girl wearing a t-shirt that said "tease me, squeeze me, please me". Then of course there's the three guys in the green unitards outside of Senor Frog's waving for everyone to come and party naked. Now we're taking side streets wherever possible.
We managed to stay awake til about 10pm (remember poor Dag had only slept a couple non-consecutive hours) and slept in until 9 - whoo! Today is a slow day. We walked down to El Girasoles for the best chilaquiles I have ever had.
Dag had a really great poblanos juevos with mole sauce.
IMG_4913.JPGWe came back and prepared to snorkel but realized we'd both forgotten to bring towels (OK, so maybe "prepared" isn't exactly the right word here) so he is now cabbing back to Chedraui to pick us up some big beach towels.
Next on the agenda in no particular order: Tulum ruins/snorkeling at Xel-ha, exploring the East side of the island possibly by jeep, diving, snorkeling at Dzul-ha and we keep talking like we're going to relax at some point too. We may need to schedule it in.

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