Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday Driver

Today, Sunday, we decided to rent a car to get us over to the reportedly deserted Eastern coast of the island. It's unsafe for snorkeling or swimming, but supposed to be some great hammocking. The helpful lady at the front desk called another helpful guy who brought us a blue VW Beetle (SO COOL!) and off we went to Mezcalita's Beach Bar and Grill for what I'm going to say were the best fish tacos I've ever had. They were lightly grilled with onions and avocado and a lime to squeeze over it.

This opinion was shared by an extra- friendly Siamese cat who ran up to our table as soon as the tacos came out.
I wonder if beach cats get sand fleas.

After lunch, we moved over to the hammocks and swung in the breeze for a while.

Our family had VWs when I was little and so many things were familiar in a cozy way. I can still stare at the dots on the nagahyde roof and make it go all Magic Eye style 3-D so it looks like the dots are hovering about 1/2" above the white ground. I knew instinctively where the hood release latch was (inside the glove box) even though I didn't consciously remember. And I can't believe I was ever so small that my sister and I could both fit in the place behind the back seat where the spare tire goes (yeah, that was back before seat belt laws).

We finished the tour all around the perimeter of the island and landed at a snorkel spot recommended to us by both a taxi driver yesterday and the guy who rented us the bug: Playa Corona. It was kinda just OK. It dropped off to deep really quickly and was a little on the cloudy side so we didn't get to see as much, but then again it's kind of nice to hover in close to shore and really spend time looking at each individual fish. We saw some real lookers. Then over nachos and lime soup,
the waiter excitedly started pointing out to the ocean. There was a pod of dolphins swimming by and doing the little arching jumps for us. OH that was cool!

Since we slept in voraciously again today and got such a late start, we have the car until 11am tomorrow and plan to drive out to the East side again in the morning for breakfast and maybe stop in at Dzul-ha and this time remember to bring the underwater camera.

Tonight is the big weekly festival in the plaza ( I guess last night was just dress rehearsal) which we will probably go to.
(we did!)
But first we'll park in our old neighborhood and have some tacos at Los Portales del Caribe, the restaurant on a family's back patio cooked on the grill of an old hot dog stand that we enjoyed so much last year.
(see next post for photos!)


Kristen said...

EEEEE.... Delicious fish tacos and kitties!!! My 2 favorite things... Sounds perfect...

The pictures of all the delicious food makes me hate Herzo all that much more right now...

Please continue to feed my need to escape...

Leslita said...

your wish is my command!

timO said...

that cat was obviously rabid...hope you are all ok there!