Friday, December 07, 2007

Sunburned, bug-bitten, blistered & broke

Thursday we rented another beetle for the day. This one was a franken-convertible.
The latch on the passenger's side door was missing so it could only be opened from the inside (this provided much frustration for helpful folks trying to open the car door for me). the seat belts appeared to have been installed backwards and were awkwardly wrapped around the seats, which appeared to have come out of some other kind of car. Mine wasn't really bolted down all that well, and you couldn't flip it forward to access the back seat. The first time Dag put the keys in, some sort of electrical event caused the horn to honk and the poor woman walking in front of us to jump five feet in the air. It reminded me of my dad's bug that I drove for a while in college. If the keys were in the ignition and you touched one of the other keys to the metal horn, it would bleat out that characteristic VW toot. You had to be really careful about where the other keys were when you turned the ignition or you'd constantly have people glaring at you in parking lots. As we drove along the bumpy rode, I felt something hit me in the foot. It was the ashtray. At first we were glad that this guy said "the tank is full now - return it full tomorrow" instead of the other guy who gave it to us 1/4 full and expected us to return it the same. This was until we realized the gas gauge was broken and always read "full". Gee, convenient. So we only put in a little more than we thought we'd use from one trip around the island. It didn't fill the tank so I'm guessing it wasn't really full when we got it. When the guy came back the next morning to settle up he tried to use some creative math to bump up the price (which already included something he laughingly referred to as the Mafia Tax when we questioned him) a full $35 somehow but Dag got the calculator from the front desk and almost had to hold the guy's fingers from pushing extra buttons to make him honor the price he'd agreed to they day before.
We drove out to Punta Sur, an ecologically protected national park at the Southern point of the island. Many stretches of beach are off limits to all but nesting sea turtles.
We stopped in the crocodile viewing zone thinking we'd be lucky to see one but we saw five in all!
The roads out on this side of the island are amazing. The potholes are large enough to swallow up both wheels of the car at once - no exaggeration. You have to drive wildly from one side of the road to the other to avoid them.
Once we reached the lighthouse, we had to let them truck us out to the beach for some of the best snorkeling I've ever experienced.
We've been sharing my snorkel stuff and taking turns going out. Dag was out for an hour and I was getting all worried about him but once I got out there myself, I quickly saw that he could have stayed out even longer. There was so much to see! The reef just went on and on and on. I saw a few of the smaller skates that camouflage themselves to the bottom and then I looked to my left and saw one of the big grey skates just hanging out there in the sand! Wow! I hovered over him for a while making him nervous and then we both swam away. It was so hard to know where to look next! Then, I had almost made it to the buoy where I was planning to turn around when I looked ahead and saw a sea turtle swimming towards me! Oh turtle! I consider them to be the best thing I could ever see while snorkeling and there he was! I turned and swam next to him all the way back to the first buoy, where the reef really starts and then let him swim off. I love the way they look like they're flying underwater. Sigh. So I drifted back to the next buoy again and then decided it was time to go back. On the way in I saw another big skate, but the water had gotten cloudy near the shore and I just saw his outline flapping in the distance. We rode the truck back in, tipped guy who rode in the truck with us making bad jokes...and climbed the lighthouse for some spectacular viewage.
On the way out of the park one of the rangers was pointing back the way we came. Off in the distance there was a water spout - sort of a nautical tornado, I guess. I'd never even heard of one so you'll need to google it if you want more info. But I guess it's pretty rare and we were very lucky to have seen it. Within a few minutes, it was hidden behind clouds.
We drove back to town by way of Mezcalitos for some more fish tacos by the sea.
They have a dog too!
We are both now crazily sunburned, covered in bug bites and blisters on our feet. But I'm so relaxed I no longer need that massage I never got around to scheduling.
This is our last full day and we plan to stick around by the pool and hot tub most of the day. There's one restaurant we need to hit again or maybe two. I may walk across the street to see what the snorkeling is like over there. Then tomorrow morning, it's back to the airport.


Baby Boy D said...

I love reading about your trips while they happen. All the details really make it feel like I am there. From the ashtray to the turtle and beyond.

Leslita said...

Thanks, BBD! I was so happy to log on and see your comment. It makes the blogging so much more fun when I know people are enjoying it.
See you soon.

Baby Boy D said...

I am enjoying it. I read it every single day but I could not pass by again without commenting. I love Mexico. At least when you are there.

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