Sunday, December 02, 2007

Saturday Snorkeling

Saturday afternoon we took a taxi South to Dzul-Ha for some snorkeling. To remember for next time: bring lots of cash because they don't accept cards. This is also a great place to get rid of small coinage as there is a stern-looking bathroom attendant who seems mostly to attend to the tip box on a table outside the restrooms. We saw two eels on the first trip out. The current was so strong we were practically swimming in place until we realized that it was better closer in to shore so we swam out a ways along the shore and then back out to let the current take us back. On the second time out, we saw two small skates! At one point Dag started waving at me wildly and I was like "yeah! HI! I know! So cool!" until I realized he was trying to tell me that my swimsuit had migrated a bit too far to one side. Whoops. Not cool!

Now we're showering up and headed out to...well...anywhere but here. There's a children's birthday party being hosted in the pool area outside our patio it seems and someone has given a perky little girl a whistle and she's blowing on that thing...oh about every time she exhales.

Saturday evening, worry not, we finally got into El Foco for some nachos and their famous $8 margaritas.
The waiter gave us a pen for writing on the wall but it had been so overused that it just made this kind of nondescript fuzz on the wall. I wrote the date next to our signature from last year. Then we headed out to the main plaza where a band was setting up and little girls were dressed in impossibly frilly dresses and groups of children were wandering around singing then demanding money (we saw these kids last year too - I think they're actually collecting for their church). Even after we told them (in spanish) that we didn't have money, they sang for us anyway, which was impossible to enjoy knowing that we couldn't pay them. They were pretty aggressive. I mean, even a mariachi band can accept that they aren't gonna get paid and move on to another table. Of course, we had to go to a stall and buy some water to break a big bill then go find the kids and shower them with cash. Maybe mariachi bands could learn a thing or two from this rogue group.

Also, Dag bought a cowboy hat.

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timO said...

Like the cowboy hat...Dag is now officially a "circuit boy"