Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday Meandering

First I would like to say WOO HOO! This is my hundredth post!

We've finally got some relaxing scheduled in to this vacation. This morning we got up early (7:30am) and drove out to the East side of the Island to the restaurant next door to Mezcalito's where we had lunch yesterday: Senor Iguana's. My guidebook said that they open at 8am. They were prepared to serve us beers when we arrived at 8:10, but when we asked for coffee, they said no can do until the kitchen opens in 10 minutes. We were happy to read on the upstairs terrace and wait. Probably 35 minutes later, our server came upstairs to tell us that the "chicken is open" and would we now like some coffee? 15 minutes later, he arrived with a tray containing two mugs of hot water and a plastic tub of freeze-dried coffee crystals. Hee.
In their defense, this is much more of a ceviche and beer beach club, not a breakfast restaurant. We both ordered fish tacos which came out totally different from yesterday's but just as delicious. The onions inside were sauteed almost to carmelization with a few tomatoes stirred in. They were served with salsa with plenty of lime juice and guacamole. Delicious.
By the time the whole experience was over, it was 10am and time to get the car back to town. Everything was happening at true tropical speed. Now we're reading by the hotel pool. I'm trying to get into Under the Tuscan Sun but getting bored by all the descriptions in the beginning. Apologies to everyone who loved this book but I'm bored. I'm ready for someone to die or something. Maybe I should do crosswords instead.

I've officially abandoned Under the Tuscan Sun as it appears to be an extra-long description of a house remodel with some recipes in the middle. Hokay. That's not really how I remember the movie when I saw it on a plane once. Now I'm reading World War Z. It's about Zombies and is awesome. This is how Dag and I spent our day - reading by the pool! We heard a quasi-reggae Island-esque version of that Cat Stevens song Wild World probably twelve times, no exaggeration. But it was great to be doing absolutely nothing. We walked downtown for dinner and had some awesome Tortilla soup and some mole enchiladas which were a touch too sweet for my taste.
Then back to the zombies. Dag has been asking me all night "don't you want to post now?" and I'm like "yeah, after this chapter!"

And now, some photos specifically requested by Kristen H.






Kristen H said...

There he is... In his cute apron! Glad to see taco stand family is still in business. Did they remember you? Thanks for the shots...

Leslita said...

I'm pretty sure they don't remember us. We didn't mention that we'd been there last year. The wife hasn't really been busting out with the English chattiness like she did last year. Still just as lovely and sweet - only in Espanol for some reason.