Friday, November 02, 2007

We're back!

Yesterday as we started back for home, we were feeling pretty over things and even passed up our last (and only) chance to visit the beach in Solana Beach because where we pulled over you have to pay to park. Dag looked at me and I looked out over the horizon and said "wow, cool, there's the beach - let's go!". He gunned it.
Then he offered to show me the house he used to live in because all along the way I'd been insisting on seeing everything and I kinda went "ehhhhh..." and he said "It's a house". I said "I've seen a house before" and with that we hit the road!

I don't know what overcame us during our first stop for gas which happened to be in Aneheim because we very nearly went to Disneyland. I do believe that the only thing that stopped us is our belief that the tickets would cost somewhere in the $50 neighborhood (actually $66!) and the fact that we didn't get there until sometime after noon. We pushed through all the way to Redding, pausing only for as long as it took to eat a sandwich at Quiznos because we had finally grown tired of our steady diet of nuts and gross San Diego tap water.

This morning we were back on the road by 9am but we stopped in Grants Pass for a leisurely giant bowl of tortilla soup.


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