Sunday, October 21, 2007


Today we walked all around the UC Berkeley campus then took a picnic lunch up to Lawrence Hall of Science with its beautiful view of absolutely everything:


Afterwards we headed out to the Winchester house of mystery, which was cool. I feel kind of the same way I did when I saw it in 2002. I wish that we could have explored it on our own w/o the bored tour guide and 20 other people. But I love the crazy house with one million rooms that one could totally get lost in (and the opportunity to do that is exactly what I wish my $23+ had purchased)



This evening we had the most glorious homemade chile rellenos in the entire world at Chad & Delmi's place out in Mountain View.

Here is me watching Future-rama for the first time this evening:

I enjoyed the second episode much more.


Baby Boy D said...

I can relate to that face you are making while watching the show for the first time. I still make that face during Family Guy. I get it, I just don't "get it", you know? I hope that you are having fun and will avoid Malibu.

Leslita said...

Yeah, we watched a little Family Guy too - I'm sure I made the same face! No plans for Malibu, I'm pleased to report. (I guess...I don't really know anything about Malibu).

Baby Boy D said...

All I know about Malibu is that it is on fire right now. Not good.

Leslita said...

Oh, right. Duh. Yes, that is very scary indeed! The news keeps saying that it is "zero percent contained", which is hard to even fathom. We get updates from the hotel's flat screen while waiting for our eggos to pop up during breakfast. We'll be at this latitude for another few days so I'm sure they'll get that number up to 100% by then.

Baby Boy D said...

Eggos...when I was at the grocery store the other day the eggo box had some word that I can't remember right now on it, but the highlighted letters were CHER, so I thought that Cher had a style of waffles. Until I looked at the box. But that could've been fun.