Sunday, October 21, 2007

Photos as promised

Here's what we had for lunch on our way out of town:
Through some unfortunate muscular spasms, I threw them all over my lap and the shifter console so we just ate them. From then on, whenever Dag was hungry he'd say, "Hey, can you throw some of those chips all over me please?" Har har!

Some pretty scenery thru the car window on the way down the 5:

Once we got settled at one of three Motel 6s in Redding (the cheap one!), we headed to the Win-River Casino.
After sitting in the martini bar for a while, we reinforced our belief that gambling is boring by feeding three dollars into a one-armed bandit within about 30 seconds and having it gulp them down and burp. Yawn! But they did have a giant purple blow-up spider!

On the way back to our bed in a box, we stopped at a Chinese restaurant for some Chow Fun (I think) and hot & sour soup. We had ordered eggplant but they said it was no good and recommended the noodle dish and came out while we were eating it to tell us the reason it is so awesome is because the pan-fry the noodles, not steamed like those other restaurants. Awwww...did they have to tell me that? I was just trying to pretend the noodles were naturally and wholesomely salty and crispy.

Last night we hung out in Japantown with Larry and Kathy then had a fabulous dinner at a Moroccan restaurant on Polk. Tajine. Highly recommended.

It's all dark because between 8-9 was lights out in SF to encourage energy conservation.

Today we're going to scoot around Berkeley and check out the Winchester Mystery House on our way to Mountain View for dinner with my bro.


Jen said...

beautiful photos! I am totally going to adopt your method of snack dispersal for future trips in the car. (hee hee!)

Leslita said...

Thanks Jen! It's so fun to know you're following along with us!