Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday Dag and I took the morning train to the Mexican border and crossed the skybridge into Tijuana


It's a pretty decent place at 10am before all the vendors are set up and you can still get breakfast at the restaurants.
We wandered around for a while then I had a big plate of my favorite Mexican delicacy: Chilaquiles


The visit sort of got me warmed up for our quickly approaching 2nd annual winter trip to Cozumel. Chila-freakin-quiles is all I've got to say.

After the trek back to the USA, we paid a short visit to Irene, who Dag lived with for a year in college


Irene got us all hopped up on cheesecake and coffee while the two of them shared memories.

To make up for the fact that we spent last night in the hotel room watching a lot of TV, we went to the Zoo on the way out of town today. And can I just say MEERKATS!?

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