Monday, October 29, 2007


Boy did I wake up cranky this morning. I had inadvertently stayed up til 2am watching Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which gave me nightmares. These were the kind where you need to prop yourself up on your elbow for a minute afterwards so you don't fall asleep right back into the same dream.

So this morning I had a little meltdown over a missing hairtie. Ok, a meltdown to me is when lines appear between my eyes and I kind of pout and maybe set things down with a little more force than normal, but it doesn't happen very often so it feels like big news!

So Dag took me to the beach and gave me beer for lunch and then made me take a nap.



I dreamt of an all ice cream restaurant. Two tubs containing a featured flavor were inset into each table with little sampler spoons in containers between the tubs. A plaque posted above the tubs told of the flavor's history, where it was made and what foods it is best paired with. I wandered among the tables searching for the chocolate peanut butter but was distracted by the more exotic flavors which were meant to be scooped up with prawns or thin slices of beef.

I woke up feeling much better!

Then we had a nice dinner with Tom and Sylvia.

Tomorrow morning we're taking the trolley to Tijuana since I haven't dragged Dag to something he doesn't want to do in several days. Sylvia asked her babysitter Lisa if she had any recommendations for us as a native San Diegan and she said "Uh...don't go?" But I've never been and that makes me want to.

Oh, also today we saw the cutest dog ever:

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Jen said...

Oooh -- dreams of an all ice-cream restaurant sound like they'll cure what ails you! I'm glad you're having such a nice time and seeing such cute dogs and having fun with such nice people.

How was the trolley to tijuana? (that sounds like a band name!)