Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday Dag and I took the morning train to the Mexican border and crossed the skybridge into Tijuana


It's a pretty decent place at 10am before all the vendors are set up and you can still get breakfast at the restaurants.
We wandered around for a while then I had a big plate of my favorite Mexican delicacy: Chilaquiles


The visit sort of got me warmed up for our quickly approaching 2nd annual winter trip to Cozumel. Chila-freakin-quiles is all I've got to say.

After the trek back to the USA, we paid a short visit to Irene, who Dag lived with for a year in college


Irene got us all hopped up on cheesecake and coffee while the two of them shared memories.

To make up for the fact that we spent last night in the hotel room watching a lot of TV, we went to the Zoo on the way out of town today. And can I just say MEERKATS!?

Monday, October 29, 2007


Boy did I wake up cranky this morning. I had inadvertently stayed up til 2am watching Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which gave me nightmares. These were the kind where you need to prop yourself up on your elbow for a minute afterwards so you don't fall asleep right back into the same dream.

So this morning I had a little meltdown over a missing hairtie. Ok, a meltdown to me is when lines appear between my eyes and I kind of pout and maybe set things down with a little more force than normal, but it doesn't happen very often so it feels like big news!

So Dag took me to the beach and gave me beer for lunch and then made me take a nap.



I dreamt of an all ice cream restaurant. Two tubs containing a featured flavor were inset into each table with little sampler spoons in containers between the tubs. A plaque posted above the tubs told of the flavor's history, where it was made and what foods it is best paired with. I wandered among the tables searching for the chocolate peanut butter but was distracted by the more exotic flavors which were meant to be scooped up with prawns or thin slices of beef.

I woke up feeling much better!

Then we had a nice dinner with Tom and Sylvia.

Tomorrow morning we're taking the trolley to Tijuana since I haven't dragged Dag to something he doesn't want to do in several days. Sylvia asked her babysitter Lisa if she had any recommendations for us as a native San Diegan and she said "Uh...don't go?" But I've never been and that makes me want to.

Oh, also today we saw the cutest dog ever:

Sunday, October 28, 2007

San Diego

We have arrived safely in San Diego and nothing around here appears to be on fire so that's good. I still feel a little funny vacationing jovially when so many in the area are devastated so we will respectfully stimulate the local economy as much as possible while we're here. I could use some ice cream for sure.
In a little while we're headed back out to visit Tom, another good friend from Dag's past, and his wife Sylvia, who we've not yet met.

I've added some photos to flickr from the first day. Too many for sure - I haven't yet weeded out all the duplicates and bad shots. But check 'em out if you're dying for more photos. I'll add more of the goodies to the blog soon. We have a wicked fast wifi connection here in our hotel.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

L.A. Food Coma

We made it from Angels Camp to LA in six hours that felt like nine to
my body but three to my brain. Now we're both sporting a food coma at
a table outside of Mel's Drive-in on Sunset Strip while Drew finishes
painting a greusome version of American Gothic for the Halloween party
he's taking us to tonight.
I got a chocolate shake to go so I'm understandably anxious to get on
the road, already...cheeze.

Dag and I had brought along costumes for a party we're attending in Solano Beach on Wednesday so when Drew suggested we cruise by a couple of parties he'd been invited to, we were prepared!






Sunday after brunch we spent a few hours at the Getty perusing photography exhibits and touring the impressive museum gardens


Angels Camp

We're on hwy 4 just leaving Calveras county on our way to visit Drew
in LA. The last three days with Dag's parents have been lovely


it took me two of those to stop interpreting the neighbor's Cows'
bawling as the vibration of one of our cell phones!


Obviously a vacation much needed.

Angels Camp is beautiful and dry and hot. Dag and I took a walk around the cow paths on Thursday.



Friday we drove out to Yosemite National Park with Dag's dad for the afternoon.




It was a very enjoyable visit and it will be a long time before we eat as well again, now that we're back on the road, as we did while Blanca was in charge of feeding us.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Last day in SF

Today we headed into the city and checked out the de Young Museum


They had Couture and Photographs, so I was happy.

We had lunch at that Thai spot on Haight just outside of the park. Their front dining room was sporting this kind of greenhouse effect which was kind of nice and cozy until the hot food came and then it was downright sweltering. It reminded me of Thailand, to be honest!


After, we strolled around Haight Ashbury before checking out the Conservatory of Flowers.




They had a cool exhibit of carnivorous plants.

It was hot today. Much hotter than I've ever experienced in SF before. So I kinda did the melty thing again. For as much as I complain about cold, you'd think I'd just thrive in this kind of weather, but I get pretty wilty. So the nap we took before dinner kind of grabbed me around the neck. It took a while to shake the zombie thing before meeting friends out for a late dinner at a great vegan Japanese place near our hotel.


Tomorrow we are headed out to Angels Camp for a few days to visit Dag's parents. After that, our plans are up in the air due to the horrible fires overtaking San Diego and the surrounding areas. We'll just have to see how it goes. Even if the roads are cleared up and we can get down there, the intended recipients of our visits may not feel quite so receptive as before they had to evacuate their homes.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Viking Kittens!

I was so crushed when removed this from their site but now this other guy has resurrected it - hallelujah!
I only mention it because Dag and I have been rocking out to it the past two nights.

Experiencing the Warm

Instead of heading into SF today as previously planned, we took a drive out to the Muir Woods area and spent some time on Stinson Beach.


Needless to say, it was warm and fabulous. We drove back by way of Napa which was warm and beautiful.


Did I mention that it's warm here? Maybe even a little over the edge today because I became very relaxed...too relaxed. I believe I may actually have begun to liquefy. In kind of a nice way. It's a good thing Dag was driving.

Tonight we're out to dinner with four friends, two of whom I've never met. Hopefully soon because I'm powerless against these little sesame crackers that make their way into every trail mix Fred Meyer has to offer, two of which are lying around the hotel room in arms reach of me at this very moment. Cajun and Oriental.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Today we walked all around the UC Berkeley campus then took a picnic lunch up to Lawrence Hall of Science with its beautiful view of absolutely everything:


Afterwards we headed out to the Winchester house of mystery, which was cool. I feel kind of the same way I did when I saw it in 2002. I wish that we could have explored it on our own w/o the bored tour guide and 20 other people. But I love the crazy house with one million rooms that one could totally get lost in (and the opportunity to do that is exactly what I wish my $23+ had purchased)



This evening we had the most glorious homemade chile rellenos in the entire world at Chad & Delmi's place out in Mountain View.

Here is me watching Future-rama for the first time this evening:

I enjoyed the second episode much more.

Photos as promised

Here's what we had for lunch on our way out of town:
Through some unfortunate muscular spasms, I threw them all over my lap and the shifter console so we just ate them. From then on, whenever Dag was hungry he'd say, "Hey, can you throw some of those chips all over me please?" Har har!

Some pretty scenery thru the car window on the way down the 5:

Once we got settled at one of three Motel 6s in Redding (the cheap one!), we headed to the Win-River Casino.
After sitting in the martini bar for a while, we reinforced our belief that gambling is boring by feeding three dollars into a one-armed bandit within about 30 seconds and having it gulp them down and burp. Yawn! But they did have a giant purple blow-up spider!

On the way back to our bed in a box, we stopped at a Chinese restaurant for some Chow Fun (I think) and hot & sour soup. We had ordered eggplant but they said it was no good and recommended the noodle dish and came out while we were eating it to tell us the reason it is so awesome is because the pan-fry the noodles, not steamed like those other restaurants. Awwww...did they have to tell me that? I was just trying to pretend the noodles were naturally and wholesomely salty and crispy.

Last night we hung out in Japantown with Larry and Kathy then had a fabulous dinner at a Moroccan restaurant on Polk. Tajine. Highly recommended.

It's all dark because between 8-9 was lights out in SF to encourage energy conservation.

Today we're going to scoot around Berkeley and check out the Winchester Mystery House on our way to Mountain View for dinner with my bro.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

California Drivin'


After yesterday's willy-nilly unplanned detour into interstate hotel-getting, we have arrived in Berkeley where we will be until Wednesday. In a moment we'll be meeting Larry in San Francisco so I'll leave you with some photos from yesterday's drive. The trees are all changing color so it was quite scenic!

Update! No I won't! Photos are taking too long to load. Later tonight, K?

Wait! There's time for just one!


Friday, October 19, 2007

winging it!

We just crossed the border into California. We made such good time
that Dag made me cancel the Yreka hotel so we could drive even further
so now we are officially homeless and a few of you understand how much
I enjoy flying by the seat of my pants.(Sweet Peasus!! MY PLANS!! MY
PLANS!!)But don't you worry, mom. Dag assures me we can just sleep in
the car. If you are reading this: SEND A HELICOPTER!!
Ha ha. Just kidding of course. I'm sure we'll have no trouble finding
a hotel in Redding.