Sunday, September 09, 2007

El Salvador

Here I am in El Salvador.  Just got checked into the hotel and everything is good!  I spent a long time waiting outside the airport for my shuttle pickup and was so struck by how genuine and nice everyone is here.  I think it is because there is little tourism compared to someplace like Mexico where you are mobbed at the airport by pushy taxi hawkers and you have to be on guard at every moment because everyone who talks to you only wants to try to get some money out of you and as much as possible.  So I have to admit when I arrived I was automatically on guard and it was totally unwarranted and I am humbled.  People asked if I needed a taxi and when I said no, they smiled and moved on.  When they saw how long I was waiting they suggested I call the hotel.  One girl who was just there at the airport to meet someone decided to use her English to come up and ask me if I needed any help with anything.  I was totally blown away.
And finally someone pointed me to the place where the shuttles are parked, which is around the corner from where I was standing.  So I guess that El Salvadoran native traveling from Houston to visit his family who struck up a conversation in the plane was really just being friendly.  I should have been nicer.  Drat.
I'm off to shower and once my colleague arrives from Panama we are going poolside with a stack of People magazines.