Saturday, August 04, 2007

Stanley Park & Granville Island

This morning was grey but dry and by the time we finished our scrambled eggs, toast and bowl of fresh fruit, the sun had already come out. Stanley Park was ON! There is still a significant portion of the seawall that is closed for restoration due to the storm last winter.


The effects were quite shocking.


Nevertheless, it was a gorgeous walk that took us around 3-1/2 hours total.




Afterward, we took the ferry to Granville Island, which was...well...disappointing I guess. It was mostly good for shopping and for being crammed in shoulder to shoulder with lots of tourists, both of which are not exactly on either of our Top 10 Greatest Things lists, but we did get some Gelato shakes and checked out some boats so it wasn't a total bust. By then it was time for our afternoon naps. In about an hour and a half we may venture out to see if we can catch some of the fireworks display without being crammed in shoulder to shoulder with lots of tourists.


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