Monday, August 06, 2007

Flamenco and an exit

Last night we went to the Kino Cafe on the recommendation of Dag's car guy. I wouldn't go back for the nachos, but the sangria was good and the flamenco was incredible!

Flamenco at Kino's

After our last breakfast at Thresa's Cafe (E, scrambled, brown toast), we stopped in Lynn Canyon park to check out the suspension bridge. The only thing that made me nervous about it was the number of people all getting onto it at once. It was really sturdy though so no big deal, really.


For lunch we'd packed in the leftovers from yesterday's Chinatown Buddha Vegetables, but didn't have utensils. A couple of sticks ended up working great and when we were done we just threw them on the ground - no littering!

Leftovers picnic

A couple of hours drive later we were in Whistler. The hotel room was a loft with the bedroom upstairs and a lovely view from the balcony:

view out the balcony

The sun was out as it had been the whole trip - just gorgeous. Whistler village is a strange place. My first impression was that it reminded me of disneyland with the cobblestone pedestrian-only streets and steepled roofs. It just looked very "storybook". The mix of people was pretty interesting - you'd see anyone from suburban families to extreme athletes walking past you at any given moment.

Whistler village

During the summer, the ski slopes are converted to cycling paths and the lifts are rigged to carry the bikes up to meet their riders at the top for what I can only imagine is a teeth-rattling ride down the mountain. We did see some wheelchairs and crutches around town, but not as many as you'd think after seeing some of the trails these people were riding down!

After choking out a few expletives over the prices on the menus posted outside the restaurants around town, we finally settled on a sushi place but decided to make good use of our kitchenette thereafter.

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