Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fireworks, Parades & Zombies

Last night around 10 we ambled down the street from our hotel and got a perfect seat front and center for the Grand Finale of the four-night three-country fireworks competition. It was really quite awesome, and not just in an 80s Valley Girl sort of way.


Afterwards, we joined the millions of locals, subarbanites, cruise ship port of callers, gay prouds and tourists in a sea of foot traffic down Denman street (with a stop in our hotel for a bathroom break - have I mentioned that we are in the best location in the city?) and found a Japanese restaurant still open. Except for the loud drunk guy in the corner who must've been American, the completely full restaurant was populated by Asians, so we knew we'd hit on something good. Even more exciting than our Unagi etc. rice bowl or Sesame something noodles was watching the couple across the bamboo from us who kept getting these dishes that they cooked themselves on a hot rock or a small portable gas burner.

Today after breakfast


we went back to our convenient-as-all-get-out hotel for a break then sauntered half a block to watch the Gay Pride Parade


which made me cry no fewer than 5 or 6 times. It's been so long since I've seen Portland's parade (why is it always on Father's Day?) that I had forgotten I often react this way to a police car full of gay cops, a school bus full of gay teachers, a city bus full of gay drivers, a float full of gay city employees and one full of gay-friendly religious folks.


But I swear, nothing gets my waterworks going like PFLAG. It's a good thing I was wearing big sunglasses because I was just a messy mess. Luckily, there was also lots of frippery and glamourousness.


Afterwards, we didn't really have a plan and ended up somehow back in Chinatown for Dim Sum and vegetables.

Today we are both majorly zombied out, getting from one place to another by lurching and communicating through a series of grunts and vague gestures. I guess it's from all the walking and visual stimulus and crowds and hot sun (did I mention the weather has turned out to be perfect???). Again, so happy for this superbly located hotel and for afternoon naps.

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Jen said...

I am so happy that you're blogging with pictures! I wish you more perfect weather, delightful restaurant finds and other vacationy goodness.