Saturday, August 11, 2007

Canada wrapup

On Wednesday the weather was still cloudy and wet so we took a drive North to nearby Pemberton. Here is Dag getting interactive in the museum:


We hiked out to Nairn Falls, which was beautiful, awe-inspiring and a major hangout for mosquito gangs.


For dinner I made a salmon salad with avocado and toasted pine nuts with more ravioli.


Afterwards we watched my Spinal Tap DVD. Always a favorite.

Thursday was supposed to be overcast and rainy too, but when we woke up, it was not the case at all - it was sunny and gorgeous! So we packed up the car then hustled up Whistler mountain on the gondola before things could change.


At the top of the gondola ride, you can hike a kilometer or so and then take a chair lift up to the very tippity top of the mountain for some majorly breathtaking viewage.





Just as we had seen everything we'd come to see, it began to rain a little. On our way back to the lift, it turned to hail which you can see if you look closely at this self-portrait of us on the chair lift down:


It was like some kind of weather miracle made for our schedule only. I was prepared to not go up at all if it wasn't clear but I'm so happy that we got the opportunity - it turned out to be a major highlight. And from the gondola on the way down, we spotted two bears!!!


They're those two brown blobs in the center of the photo.

On the way home we stopped in Bellingham to look at boats


We got back into Portland right around midnight and now have a three day weekend to recover before facing any sort of employment-related responsibilities!

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Jen said...

I love the photos! And also reading about your trip. I've never been up to Whistler -- I had no idea about the whole "Whistler Village" thing going on up there... very interesting!

Hooray for gondola rides! there's one in eastern Oregon at Wallowa Lake that I've always wanted to do, but it hasn't worked out yet. One day I will do it.

(also love that Spinal Tap made the trip north. It's just about the perfect any-time movie if you ask me.)