Thursday, August 02, 2007

Arrived in Vancouver

When I got in the car this morning I put my backpack in the trunk and threw the bag of nuts in the back seat next to the car munchies Dag brought:


Oh yes, I think we have the mixed nuts pretty well covered. They are the perfect travel food, though.

We hit some pretty rough traffic once we crossed the border into Canada (and of course before Seattle) and arrived into town around 5:30pm - a full 8 hour trip. We did stop in a Seattle suburb for some truly awful Mexican food which was pretty much just a giant plate of melted cheese and since we are both being vegetarians mostly right now, we ordered cheese enchiladas and chile rellenos, the only thing on the menu w/o beef or chicken and these came not only crammed full of cheese themselves but the entire plate including the side of sloppy beans was covered on top by a thick gooey blanket of cheese. I love cheese as much as the next guy but frankly, I will probably be grossed out by that meal for the rest of my life.

Once we arrived, we got into our room, which is fine, just fine. Tomorrow we get upgraded to the actual room with the kitchen that we booked before they forgot.

On the way to the waterfront, we stopped for some Gelato - YAY!


I had chocolate of some sort and black sesame, which was awesome!

We walked along the beach among the rollerbladers, runners and bicyclists and watched people playing volleyball in the sand. This town is so great.

After the walk, we headed to our favorite sushi place that we discovered on our first trip when it was just opening up and still decorated like a Greek place (or maybe it was Italian). Now it's busy and universally loved. Kadoya.


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