Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Business Trip

I'll be in Concord, North Carolina all this week for a business trip.  My plan as of last night was to call a taxi around 4am to get me to the airport by 4:30 for my 6am flight.   Being a cautious person, I was barely comfortable with arriving only an hour and a half prior to departure, but I also know the airport is a mighty quiet place at that wee hour so I figured it'd be more than fine.   When I woke up and had a vague memory of my alarm having gone off and noting through the fog that it was now silent, I peeked at the clock which now read 4:35!   WEEEE-OOOOOOOOO! WEEEEE-OOOOOO! Panic! Panic!  Panic!  Luckily I live exactly one block away from my favorite taxi company and was all packed.   I jumped into my travel clothes, ran the toothbrush around the general area of my teeth, and ran outside just as the cab pulled up.  We made it by 5 and I was feeling much better til I saw the giant snaking line at the United counter.   No Way would I be able to get my bag checked and be ready to board in half an hour.  Not without my head popping, anyway.   I sort of paced frenetically back and forth thinking first that I could check in at the self-serve kiosk but realizing it's only for carryon then back the other direction in an attempt to get the attention of some personnel who could whisk me to the front of the line then failing that I started towards the gate thinking they could check my bag then back again as I remembered I couldn't clear security w/o a boarding pass (please note I'm still half asleep here) then finally realizing my larger bag was still probably small enough to carry on so back to the self-serve kiosk I went.   If they wouldn't let me carry it on once I got to the gate, I'd be happy to relinquish it to them.  As it turns out, I had no problem except for the one where they confiscated my toothpaste at security.   Bah!


After that, everything was peachy.  Slept on the first leg, had a slight delay in Denver, had to sit in between two guys, one of which had the dreaded invasive elbows, but I was just happy to be there!   Once in Charlotte, I met up with my colleagues who flew in from Panama and we all hopped in the fancy SUV we'd been upgraded to and drove to the hotel, where the concierge gave me a tube of toothpaste.

All is well.