Sunday, April 29, 2007


As expected, the Prince show was incredible.

Dag and I landed in Las Vegas at 4:30pm and took a taxi to Paris for what turned out to be dinner.


Of course, we ate in the Italian Cafe and shared a Pizza and salad. Less than an hour had passed and we were already totally overwhelmed by other human beings. I found myself using my pretend taser a LOT. Our waiter was quite lovely, however, making us feel as though he had all the time in the world to spend talking to us about the menu, offering to take our photo and making sure we had the right plates. I mean, he actually made me feel like we weren't in a theme park of a city. We kicked around the hotels in the neighborhood - Bally's, Bellagio, Ceasar's Palace - and then decided since we'd seen it all before and were really needing to conserve our precious energy for the midnight show, we'd just get to Rio, our final destination, and park ourselves until the doors to the club opened at 10. Rio has a bowling alley! Did you know that?? I didn't! A quick game was all it took to fix us right back up, personality wise. I think it might have been having something to focus on that really helped. I got a turkey! However, since everything in that place cost $7 (a game, the socks I had to buy) except cocktails, which cost $9, we didn't hang out long. Besides, it was past 8:30 by that point...time to pick up our tickets in will call!! So we headed over to find the box office closed and the way you pick up your tickets is to wait in a line that wound around the casino as far as the eye could see. Nuh-uh. So we went back to the bar with the cocktail waitresses whose bosoms defy gravity. Seriously, they wore these "dresses" where the top criss-crosses and the cleavage is at the bottom instead of at the top. I don't care how young and perky you are - that just defies so many laws of physics. We determined there was probably some kind of adhesives involved inside there somewhere. I'm trying to find a photo but so far only ran across this one, which appears to be taken from the exact table we were sitting at for two hours while we waited for the line to die down.

Which it didn't.

Even after the doors opened at 10, the line stayed the same as other like-minded people little by little bit the bullet and got in line. So then we stumbled across The Tilted Kilt, which had $3 well drinks for real! And as soon as we stepped in, Dag's favorite Asia song came on. It was definitely one of those magical moments.


At 11:30 we finally joined the crowd in line. At around midnight, we got our tickets and walked through the door of club 3121 and right on to the middle of the dance floor, which was a lot smaller than I'd come to expect. Not 15 minutes later, the curtain went up and out came Prince! WOW, were we close! There really was not a bad view in the house! Either it didn't sell out or they made an effort to ensure there was enough room for plenty of Advanced Body Movin'. To move closer to the front, we just had to wait until the crowd shifted in such a way that we could take a step forward. No pushing or elbows - it was great!
Also great was that the ferociously drunk guy behind me did not end up vomiting on my back at all. This was a real concern for a while. I kept feeling the cold splash of his cocktail, which he was holding at 45 degrees, on my bare toes. This was not really a big problem once I looked back and saw him spitting on the floor and realized how much worse it could become at any moment. And really, as long as his cocktail was on my feet, it was not inside his body making matters worse.


Prince was radiant! He looked like he was having so much fun, which really added to the mood of the crowd (well, definitely of me!). I decided to decide that the drummer was Sheila E because I wanted it to be so bad. But when she stepped forward and I heard the first notes of Glamorous Life, I knew it was true. Oh Prince, I was there to see you...but Sheila E, you made my night!!! Talk about radiant! She was having the time of her life and "shred" does not even begin to describe what she does on the drums.

The songs I can remember being performed:

Black Sweat
Incense and Candles
Girls and Boys (one of my favorites!!)
Get on the Boat (3rd and final encore)
Alphabet St (probably my favorite Prince song of all time and my answer to Dag's earlier question: "what song do you want to hear tonight?")
Purple Rain (1st encore)
Glamorous Life
A Love Bizarre (Oh Sheila E!)

There were a bunch more. They played until 2:30am so we had just enough time for breakfast at the All American Bar & Grill before catching a cab to the airport.

We stepped off the Max train almost exactly 24 hours after we got on it and stumbled blearily to Dag's. He let me take his car to the store and I walked to the library then fell asleep on the couch for a short 6 hour catnap.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Packing for Las Vegas

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This may be the most challenging packing I've done to date. We aren't getting a hotel room so everything on my person has to work for airplane, club, 60 degree and 90 degree weather. I'm wearing black pants, a sparkly sleeveless top and a purple velvet blazer (tres Prince!) with roomy pockets.

So here's what made the cut:

Credit Card
Debit card
Boarding passes/itinerary
Disposable camera and envelope in which to mail it off before the show starts
Chapstick (to re-moisten my stay-put lipstick)
Barrette (in case my hairdo goes south)

I was fully intending to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste (shown) but it didn't really fit in my pocket and can easily be purchased when we get there.

As soon as I post this, I'm on my way over to pick up Dag and go to the train station - the 24 hour no-sleep adventure has begun!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Dag and I are officially ticketholders to PRINCE's limited Las Vegas engagement at his temporary club in Hotel Rio: 3121!
The coolest thing about it besides PRINCE (you're right, Jen, it can't be typed in anything but caps) is that it's in an intimate club-type setting.
Because we are so totally rock and roll, we are flying into Vegas in the late afternoon on the date of the show, flying out at 6am the next day and have decided not to bother with a hotel room.
Packing light takes on a whole new meaning.