Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Next thing I recall about Monday evening is my two hour nap after which Lesley, Kristen and I went down the block to the taco place where we discovered the cook is actually the husband of the lady with the baby and he comes home from his day job at 7pm, tosses aside his lanyard, picks up his apron and cooks until 1am.  With a smile on his face.  We have been tipping a lot more heavily when we go there.  That night most of us went to bed early but Dag, Gwen and I stayed up til 1 chatting and listening to music.  It´s cool being with such a large group.  Everyone gets along great and you have the chance to break off into smaller groups depending on who wants to do what and who´s hungry when.  it´s a constant rotating door of social experiences.
Yesterday (Tuesday) we all slept in til 9 or so and had breakfast at home.  I made smoothies out of fresh papaya, yogurt and bananas and we tested a variety of sweet breads I´d picked up at the supermarket down the street.  I don´t think I would go back for any of them but they were interesting.  Most were filled with a little bit of fruit.  The texture was a bit gummy for my taste.  Since Kristen and Dag had each overflowed the coffee maker on Monday, we´ve been sticking with the french press. 
After breakfast, Kristen and Lesley rented a scooter and headed out for a tour of the island.  The rest of us took taxis to Dzul-Ha for some snorkeling as there seemed to be a break in the weather.  For a while this was true and we had a lovely time swimmin wit da fishes!  I was lazily floating above a large school of yellow fish, both of us swaying back and forth with the surge.  Even from underwater I could hear the safety talk being given to a very large group of touristas by their snorkelmaster.  As soon as he gave the go-ahead, they all took a flying leap into the water and swam right into me and the school of fish I was bonding with.  Blasted touristas!  It was about time to get out of the water anyway and shortly after I did, it started Pouring Down Rain so the lot of us picked up our towels and went home.  As we were getting ready to go out to lunch, Lesley and Kristen were on their way out on the scooter again.  They came back after about 10 minutes because the scooter had crushed Kristen´s right ankle against the curb after losing control on a wide turn through a puddle.  We were laying on the pressure to go to a doctor but she insisted it was ¨fine¨although she wasn´t interested in trying to move it for us.  We gave her until after we got back from lunch to show some improvement before we called in life flight.  I cannot for the life of me remember where we had lunch.  OH wait!  Yes, it was at El Foco, which was another of Shannon´s recommendations we´d been searching for. 

Sauteed Meet

It was spectacular.  They had a giant whiteboard sporting their menu that they´d prop up on a chair by your table.  We had too much appetizer nachos and couldn´t really do much damage to our tacos but vowed to return later.  We found Kristen vertical and in a much better state.  The swelling seemed to actually have decreased on her foot and we had to attribute it to the fact that Dag seems to have been blessed somehow.  On his neck suddenly appeared a giant red cross and miracles have been around us ever since. 


Actually, I´m pretty sure he was stung by something while snorkeling.  But when people see the welt and ask ¨what got YOU?¨ he always replies indignantly: The LORD! (duh implied)
we spent a lot of time that evening gathered around the hammocks and table outside laughing and talking and then headed out in the rain to see if we could get a little Our Lady the Virgin Guadalupe action.  We mistakenly thought that there would be parades and stuff downtown but found out later that it was all at her church that is a cab ride away and, napless, we were all fading.  Back to El Foco for margaritas and more nachos!  That fixed us right up for another hilarious evening of pool lacrosse back at the homestead.


Today we ventured back to Girasoles for breakfast where we´d first had the Chilaquiles. 


I´m still full.

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