Thursday, December 14, 2006


Yesterday after I left the internet cafe I ran into Dan, Jill, Lesley and Kristen who were on their way to the local ruins, San Gervasio.  I jumped on their bandwagon. 

El Arco

More interesting than the ruins themselves were the scads of iguanas running wild among them.  So adept at camoflage, you often do not see them until they start because you've almost stepped on their tail. 


And these are BIG creatures - maybe five or six feet long.  Back at home, I made some of my leftovers and a couple of eggs into a giant yummy scramble and then took a quick nap.  Everyone in the house met up later for Tacos down the street.  We have all fallen deeply in love with the family who runs it and I believe we ended up leaving something like a 45% tip after the bill was paid.  I mean, at one point the lady of the house came up and said her husband was going to the store and did we need  ice cream?  So adorable!  After dinner, Lesley, Kristen and I went down the street and bowled three games.  Not a lot of business there and judging by the scores of the local people who were there, bowling is a relatively new sport to least to Cozumel.

Today...Thursday - finally the sun came out and stayed out all day long.  It was positively gorgeous!  We all went out to Dzul-Ha again and spent the morning snorkeling and getting stung by little jellyfish. 

Dag, Jill & Dan preparing to snorkel

Heading in

Dag and Dan found the Queen Mary 2 docked and went out for a photo shoot while the rest of us read or napped. 


Jill, Dan, Gwen, Spencer, Dag and I had a late lunch at the ever-fabulous El Foco.  After much in-head rehearsal, I said to our waiter Roberto:  "mis felicitaciones al chef" which is like "my compiments to the chef".  Dag joked that I would accidentally say: "can I have the phone number of the chef?" and when Roberto replied "muy guapo", which I believe means "gorgeous", i wondered if he might have been correct!

Roberto and Chihuahua

  Now we are all kind of lazing around as the sun goes down.  All this relaxing is positively exhausting!  Tomorrow Dag and I will go diving again and then Saturday we're off to Cancun and Chichen Itza.  On Tuesday, the vacation seemed to be going so slowly by but now it seems to be flying past at the most alarming rate! 

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