Sunday, December 24, 2006

Mas Diving

Another bright and early dive trip today...Friday.  The first dive we saw no extraordinary wildlife, but it was cool to swim around through tunnels of coral.  The second dive we saw a huge lobster, a toad fish, some kind of shark and I think I saw a barracuda.  It's fun but I don't see how people can go on trips where they dive every single day.  It's exhausting and stressful, although that last part is probably due to my still being a beginner.  I'm up to 12 total dives though so I can't beg off with that excuse for too much longer I guess.  I have to admit that snorkeling is much more peaceful to me.  We had some delightful pescado (fish) at a new lunch spot we found today and now I think I'll give up my fight to stay awake.  Tomorrow morning we ferry back to Playa del Carmen, get a car to the airport where we pick up our rental cars (it was cheaper to get two than one large enough for all six of us (Lesley and Kristen are heading back to Portland tomorrow, unfortunately)) and drive to our hotel near Chichen Itza.  Sunday morning we'll head out to the ruins before all the tour buses show up. 

...this is exactly what we did. It was beautiful, peaceful and empty at 8am when the ruins opened for business

Pyramid in the mist

Hoop in mist

and in the afternoon we got totally different light

Dag & Leslie & Pyramid

Circling birds

Spencer & Gwen

After checking out of the hotel, we found the most fantastic restaurant in the town near the ruins. You have to see these dishes to believe them:

Queso Relleno

Dan's dish

Then that night we drive back to the super swank hotel Dag got us for cheap in Cancun.  It's one of those over-the-top luxury style golf resort type places - it should be a kick.

...and it was a kick! I'd never want to spend an entire vacation at one of these generic, overpriced resort hotels, but it was a nice way to end up the trip.


I've heard about all the windstorms and power outages in OR and WA!  I hope all of you are warm and the contents of your refrigerators are cool!

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