Friday, October 06, 2006

Wait...what country am I in??

I had always thought once you get seated on the plane, all worries were left behind...not true! Leslie called me this evening from the airport in Sapporo Japan. Apparently they left as scheduled yesterday, but bad weather diverted them from Tokyo to Sapporo. They were put up in a very nice golf resort hotel (too bad you don't golf) last night and have high hopes that they will fly to Tokyo tonight. From Tokyo, it's on to Bangkok either tonight or tomorrow.

Dag did get ahold of the tour guide and was told that transportation would be provided to join the rest of the tour group whenever they did arrive in Bangkok. Meanwhile Leslie and Dag seem to be enjoying Japan in all of its pastel glory!

Jessica for Leslie


Baby Boy D said...

I hear that Japan is lovely this time of year...especially the golf resorts?

Leslita said...

That golf resort WAS lovely. It was high up on a hill and our room had a beautiful view of the mountainous countryside. I adore Japanese hotels with their toothpaste, Kimonos, slippers and tea! Also, when we leave Japan I`m really going to miss those steamed dumplings for breakfast.