Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head

Wow, is this place wet. 


I knew it was the rainy season but I wasn't quite expecting to get dumped on like we have been!  This morning was a little crazy because we spent so much energy just trying to get here that we didn't really have a plan for what to do.  Both of us normally respond to this type of situation by wandering and orienting. 


But we'd only gotten a block away when all the water in the sky came crashing down on our heads, making the wander/orient thing a little less pleasant.  We got into a cab and rode to the business district where the adidas office is.  At that point I went upstairs to meet my co-workers for lunch and Dag struck out on his own to find some sort of bliss which I have not yet heard stories of.
It was amazing meeting the girls I've worked for so many years with just over email!

adidas Thailand LO

At 6ish tonight we will be catching a train to Chiang Mai and should arrive by about 8 or 9am, I think.  We're still on our own for a couple more days while our group finishes up their trek.  I have no doubt we will find our own fun.
Oh, I was going to weave some kind of tale that made sense of the title of this post but forgot so I'll just tell you straight out.  I have heard this song twice today!  Once at breakfast and once in the mall.  And it's quite appropriate, I must say.


Leanne Bernhardt said...

I am so glad you guys made it. Have some tom ga gai soup for me. Safe travels!

Leslita said...

Leanne - that is exactly what we had in the Bangkok train station! We keep thinking of you and wondering if you have been to the same places we are.

Mittens Pierre said...

i am very glad you got to meet your coworkers! they must have thought it was pretty cool, too.