Monday, October 09, 2006

One day in Bangkok

On the way to the hotel last night our airport pickup drove us by an alley full of people still outside eating and drinking at midnight thirty and we were mostly awake and drunk with joy at having finally arrived so were easily lured outside for a couple of local beers.


The feeling of relief to be sitting underneath the awning as the rain poured down IN BANGKOK and around the block from OUR HOTEL was palatable.


We got a Thai lesson from the waiter (or owner? He really seemed to be in charge of everything). He gave me paper and a pen and made me write what he said in a way I could remember later, regardless of the true spelling, and then of course the English meaning next to it.


Then he tried to rip us off for the price of the beers - heh.

This morning's breakfast at the hotel was green curry, sweet & sour something, phad thai noodles, strange breakfast meats, won-ton type things, terrible coffee and all the water I could stand. I feel like a whole new person!
Since we are now here on a weekday, I have made arrangements to stop by the adidas office for lunch to meet a few more of my co-workers.
Then we will have a few hours to play around before catching the night train to Chiang Mai around 6pm.

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Aaron said...


I am so glad that you finally made it. I was starting to get worried.

Keep writing about the foooood!