Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fuzzy Green Things

Japan is very bright and full of cartoon characters. We keep seeing these little green fuzzy balls in different shaped water filled containers. First in a lighter. Then some really large ones in a fish tank. They also have stuffed animal versions where they have faces and are not in water and are sometimes wearing a coat made of another character where the hood, when pulled up, appears to be the mouth of that other character. Can anyone tell me what these little green fuzzy semi-water-dwelling things are all about? It seems to be almost as popular as Hello Kitty and family, so maybe I'm just behind the times.

fuzzy green things


Baby Boy D said...

I have no idea what the green fuzzy things are but they sound adorable...Japan sounds very bright and shiny and I like bright and shiny. I hope all is well with you and all of that happyfungood stuff...

Anonymous said...

Hey there. Here's a tiny exerpt from a blog I found.
"The Worst Pet in the World:
One of the things that you can, for no apparent reason, buy at the Mt. Fuji gift shops (as well as many other tourist traps) is a "pet" that the Japanese pioneered, apparently in response to a lack of space and time to care for such high-maintenance animals as goldfish, cacti, and tamagotchi. The ultimate low-maintenance pet is... an algae ball. Seriously--they sell the half-inch-diameter fuzzy green balls in tiny jars of water. You don't feed them, water them, play with them, or do anything else with them. And in return, they don't wag their tales, purr, greet you when you get home, move, produce oxygen, or look like anything more than... well, little green moss balls. "Ooh, mommy, can we take it home? Can we?"

If you want to read more of this person's oppinion on Japan and its culture, go to:

See you later.DF

Thom said...

Hmmm...sounds like a fuzzy green thing is about right for my ability to keep green things alive. Maybe I should see if I can find some. No you have to change out the water, like ever? If so forget it...tooo much work.