Sunday, October 08, 2006

damn japanese keyboard.cant find keys or make spacebar work.  Oh there.  
We have made it to the hotel NWA has vouchered us into for the night and even though the clothes Ive been wearing for the last three days pretty much need to be burned, I was soaking them in the sink and as I discovered after my shower, I also washed my passport.  I so totally rule!  I blame the total of about five hours of sleep we`ve gotten in the last two nights for the fact that my brain appears to have melted.
In lighter news, we have made new friends from our flight - Note and Joe.  Note is Thai and full of great advice.  We are in the same hotel tonight and on the same flight tomorrow.  It`s nice to have compadres who are also not in a whining fury over the predicament and just want to chat and make the best of it and best of all, talk about other things!
Off to dinner with us now!

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