Sunday, August 27, 2006


On the afternoon of October 5th, Dag and I will be flying off to Thailand for two weeks. It really snuck up on me but I'm super excited! It has come at a strange time, though. I'm suddenly in between jobs at work so it's not a really good time to be gone. I will manage, somehow, I reckon.
My main concern now is whether to bring my hiking boots. I didn't wear them even once in China since it was too hot and really wished I didn't have them taking up so much room in my pack. But hiking the great wall is different than slogging through the jungle for six hours. Closed toed shoes might be a good thing. They have leeches there and stuff. OK, after seeing that photo and reading this blog post - the hiking boots are definitely coming. I may even get some of these babies .


monquee said...

you know, after looking at the pictures and reading the blog post I think those last things are not only totally reasonable, but most likely an absolute necessity. Also, take the boots!

DM said...

Wow! Have a good time!

Darrell said...

Gaiters for leeches. Nice.

Have a great time! I'm incredibly jealous, even with the coup.