Friday, June 02, 2006

Where'd the Cheese go???

Thursday we walked around campus in the rain and read our Gunslinger books in a coffee shop (only I got a chocolate milkshake from the Potbelly next door). Dag is catching up to me since he skips the parts he finds annoying to read. I'm on the fourth book and he's just started the third. Shigeru wasn't feeling well and Eileen and Carla called off our get-together due to lack of sleep so Dag and I went out for dinner in downtown Champaign. The menu said "monterrey jack cheese" but the nachos also had Cheeze Sauce on them! I guess the rule is: No nachos outside of Oregon! Why is everyone so afraid of real cheese???

This morning I had a swim after breakfast and soon we will meet Mark and possibly Shigeru for mini golf. Shigeru and Carla have both come down with some yukky illnesses and Mark has also been to the emergency room since arriving in Champaign due to some derma-malady. The only trauma-free zone seems to be the immediate surroundings of Dag and I. Looking for lunch, Dag and I drove through 18 miles of farmland to a cute little town called Monticello. We chose a bistro that did not have nachos on the menu, but I feel confident that if they had, they would definitely have used real cheese! In fact, I believe they put real cheese on my sandwich!


We got back later than we'd anticipated because it was too tempting to drive around looking at everything. But we decided we could not pass up the mini-golf. Shigeru was still in the beginning of his 36 hour sleep but Mark joined us.


We got to hole 8 before the hail/thunderstorm and unfortunately we didn't have time to wait it out as we had a 6:00 date for Eileen and Carla's family pre-wedding dinner. Dag and I shared goat cheese ravioli and a salmon plate with morels, spiral fern and roe.
Afterwards, we all went over to L & J's house, which is being packed up for the big move. I helped out by purchasing all of their X-files episodes on VHS! Dag also picked up the original Poseidon Adventure and My Own Private Idaho, which reminds me of a joke: Why were there only 49 contestants in the Miss USA contest? Because no one wanted to be miss I Da Ho! Har har! Anyway, it was really cool to meet all of the people who Eileen has been so close to in Illinois. I have known them briefly on Live Journal but you can't beat face to face.

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Baby Boy D said...

Rummage sales and chocolate milkshakes...I know that I am jealous fo sho. I hope you are getting some rest.