Friday, June 02, 2006

Wedding day!

I am much more willing to post now that I have stopped continually pushing the button that makes all the keys type Japanese characters, which is aggrivatingly close to the spacebar and my right thumb!
Dag and I took a lunchtime road trip out to a little community called Monticello today.


Now Mark is here and we're going mini-golfing before dinner!

Post post:
So we made a second trip to Monticello on Saturday in hopes of getting to ride in a glider like we'd read about in a flyer (har) the day before while having lunch at the bistro that served real cheese! It took us quite a while to locate the airport and once we did, I became instantly 1000% shy. I'm pretty sure we were the only two people on that field that did not know every other person there and who voted for Kerry. I was certainly the only girl there with colored hair and too much cleavage showing. So we tiptoed around not seeing any big sized gliders. There were a ton of radio controlled ones being launched and then released by little motorized planes. That was cool.


Finally, Dag got up the nerve to ask some guy where the big people glider rides were but he didn't know. He thought maybe they weren't happening simply because no one had asked yet. That seemed quite plausible so I got up some nerve too and asked one of the guys in the official red shirts. As it turns out, the tow plane had some part go south and they couldn't get a replacement in time for the event. Ah well. By then it was time to go back and get suited up for the wedding.
We got there on time to not be called "Bitches" by Eileen's best friend and usher, who was chomping at the bit to lay that title on any latecomers. The wedding was very sweet and there were lots of tears.


The pastor also quoted Xtina a TON to the shock and awe of the brides. The mother of the bride captivated me with her reading of scripture. I'm not sure what she read (I don't have good recall for scripture type things) but I could have listened to her read it all night. The reception was lovely. The food was incredible (hummus, risotto, lamb, spinach salad, lentil cakes). I also loved the Oatmeal tier of the wedding cake!


we finally got to play badmitton, although we hit most of the birdies over the fence into the neighbor's bushes. It was hard to leave since we will not be seeing those girls again for quite some time probably. I know they both had to go back to work this week but maybe they can get some real rest this coming weekend.

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