Thursday, June 01, 2006

Walking after midnight (way after)

We've been sleeping in like crazy every morning, which is atypical, but has been lovely. Sunday we spent some time in Millenium park with the rest of the city and its tourists. The giant bean shaped mirrored sculpture is as cool as you may have heard!



We shuffled (it was SO HOT) from there down to the pier and back over the river and to the Rainforest Cafe. It's a horrid piece of corporate crap, but I just LOVE themed decor and they really go all out with the periodic tropical rainstorms and animatronic wildlife. But calling our meal an "adventure" and our waitress our "safari guide" or whatever, made me cranky. Or maybe it was the processed cheese on our nachos.


After another nap, we met Mark and Shigeru, who had been in the city for a couple of days already. We tried a different Thai place, which as it turns out, is exactly the same as the first one only a few blocks away! We steered clear of the spring rolls and had a tasty dinner. We spent the rest of the evening talking and laughing at the Billy Goat.
Monday was the same but substitute a walk around Lincoln Park and on the beach for Millenium Park and the Pier. Also, it rained and thundered! But it was still warm. It was tank top rain!


That night we found one blues club open (it was Memorial day, you know): Chicago Blue. The band was great and on the way home we made up our own blues songs, mostly about my cat, Chloe, and how she meows in Dag's face when he's trying to sleep but then if he barks at her like a dog and scares her away, he gets in trouble. Yeah, he's got dem kitty kat bluuuuuuuesss!


When I went up to pay the tab, I said over the noise of the band "I'd like to settle up". The bartender put a glass on the bar and filled it up with a fizzy clear liquid and a straw. I looked at him quizzically and he said "Ooohhh! You want to PAY!" and went to get my credit card. I then realized that what was in front of me was a fizzy glass of SEVEN UP. When he came back we both had a giggle over it.

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