Saturday, June 17, 2006


Friday started out with Breakfast at a cafe in downtown Ashland. Dag and I split a Chilaquiles scramble and a big plate of fruit.
We took a walk through the park, keeping eyes out for the bear that, according to the signs posted everywhere, has been spotted in the area recently. In case any of you run into a bear, I want you to know you should not look it directly in the eye, but back away facing the bear without blocking its escape route. If you just see cubs, it's probably Ok to just run like hell.

Bear Caution

Dag spotted a long skinny tree branch (still attached to the tree) that would be carried down the river to the point where the end of it would break the surface and it would snap back 180 degrees only to be caught again by the current. I could have watched that all day. We also happened upon a cairn forest right about the time my camera battery died (GAH!) but I think I got a couple of goodies. As we stood admiring the sculptures, one of them reached its breaking point and came crashing down around itself.


After the walk we had smoothies and iced tea to get us through the Importance of Being Earnest. Unfortunately, the fruit smoothie I ordered ended up being a syrupy mess of sugar and I had a lot of trouble staying conscious during the play. I'm probably bruised from pinching my side. The play was fantastic! Very funny and superbly acted. And I understood everything when I wasn't being confused by the accents.
Afterwards we shuffled through the gift shop and then went in search of a recommended restaurant, which ended up being a bit too pricey for our collective comfort and went back to the brewpub for nachos and salads.
We caught an outdoor dance performance before Merry Wives started at 8:30. Creativity just oozes out of every crevice in this town.
Merry Wives was incredible! I only struggled a little with the language. Having read the synopsis helped a ton. The costumes were indescribable. Everything was bright bright colors and tulle and sequins and fishnets and hairspray. Three of the actors were also from TIOBE.
Here is a photo I took of the outdoor theater the next day as they were changing the set for another play. I'm not sure which one but maybe this is the one J & K saw on Monday!


I will try to add some more details when I get home. It's time to get packed up and check out and head into town for more chilaquiles scramble. We'll be headed for home sometime after noon.

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Baby Boy D said...

About the bears...I read the sign posted on that tree and I would say that it could indeed be speaking of actual bears and then it could also be talking about the "bear bears" if you know what I mean, what with the mentioning of eye contact and standing on its' hind legs and all of that. Just a thought.