Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sea of Happiness

Tuesday was the hottest yet. We had to stop halfway to the Museum for iced teas and ice cream or we'd have never made it. We chose the Museum over the Aquarium this time. They have the largest, most complete T-Rex skeleton here as well as a temporary exhibit of Egyptian artifacts. We paid $3 extra apiece for the Underground Experience or something like that, which I thought would have bugs in it (I like bugs), but which turned out to be foot after foot of fake dirt with giant plastic bugs glued to it with the occasional animatronic spider or crawdad.


That day's nap didn't do a lot for me. We went into the Sea of Happiness and asked where the nearest movie theater was and not only did they tell us, but one of the regulars gave us free tickets to see Poseidon, which we found when we got to the theater, was starting in only 20 minutes. Crazy! It was certianly not a great movie, but it was far from the worst, and the price was right!


Afterwards at the Sea of Happiness, the owner bought us a round. I bought a tank top and 10 minutes later he came by the table and said in his thick Greek accent "go in the office and pick out a red one! You'd look good in the red one!" He made me go in there and put it on (hope those cameras were all set up-har) and then showered us with matchbooks and free drink cards. We love Chicago! Despite my earlier fatigue, we stayed until 1:30am chatting him up about Greece.


Wednesday we checked out, picked up our rental car and drove to Champaign. It's been raining a lot, thwarting our plans of badmitton and croquet! Bah! Today we may take a train ride. Now, I need to return Mark's laptop.

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Jen said...

I am so glad that the Sea of Happiness lived up to its name!