Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Post-Ashland Post

A couple more things I couldn't leave the Ashland topic without mentioning...

The baby ducks in the pond at Lithia Park! So Cute!



Also, since Dan is a self-proclaimed Train Geek, we made a couple of stops at train yards (yards?).


According to Dan, and I think he knows, Ashland has some of the last standing Semaphores.


Also, on Saturday before we left town, we checked out an original Shakespeare folio they have on display. One of the more interesting things about the printing of the time was that the only proofreading took place after the first sheets were printed and drying. If a mistake was found they could stop the presses and make corrections but the pages with the errors were still used. So there is no official correct version of the folio and no two copies are identical. According to the brochure I'm currently half-plagerizing, 235 copies of the first folio exist today in various collections and the one we viewed is one of the two finest.

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Jen said...

I love your Ashland posts! the baby duck and semaphore pictures are AWESOME!