Friday, June 16, 2006


Dag has a sattelite navigational device on loan at the moment so we mounted it up to the windshield and it told us how to get to our hotel in Medford. I mean, we knew how, but it is fun to watch this machine tell you what you already know. "Keep left to go on ramp" "She's RIGHT!!!". Once she finished narrating our journey onto I-5, her voice said "drive for two hundred and sixty three miles" and was quiet. Except for when we'd pull off for bathroom or ice cream when she'd calmly tell us how to immediately get our asses back on the freeway for the LOVE OF GOD!
But back to ice cream. If you're ever driving south on I-5 somewhere between Eugene and Roseburg, you MUST take the Rice Hill exit to the K&L drive-in! There, a small ice cream cone consists of two scoops (you can get something called a "baby" which is one scoop and only fifty cents less than the small) the medium has four scoops and you guessed it, the large has six!


I had a baby peanut butter and chocolate - Umpqua. But if you're not in the mood for ice cream, they also have jalapeno poppers, korn dogs, pb&J...really, most anything you'd like that can be fried. Not that I would eat a fried pb&j. Aside from the food, the people watching is exquisite and they have a really awesome "Diner" sign! Just go!


Much to the calm chagrin of our navigator, we decided to pass the hotel and have dinner in Ashland. Dan gave us a quick tour of the town and where we'd be seeing our plays. I was wrong about the order in my last post. Earnest is at 2pm and Wives is after dark. We settled on an Indian place.


The food was excellent. The service was stoic and then just tanked. I was annoyed because I had talked everyone into sharing a dessert that consisted of a syruped version of that homemade cheese that I love in so many Indian dishes. When the waiter dropped off our check (without ever having come by to ask if we wanted anything else) and I asked if we could get some of that, he said NO, that the kitchen was closed! NO he didn't want our money! Fine, mister frowney.
We got back in the car and really intended to use the satellite lady to find the hotel in what was now the dark. As it turns out, she got very confused and we ended up having to do it without her. In her defense, there is a giant concrete maze making it more or less impossible to drive straight to the Reston, but we had the advantage of being able to actually see the place so we eventually turned her off because there were already three people in the car all discussing what the next turn should be. She just added more chatter.
We got checked in and spent a couple hours chatting in the lounge attached to the Elmer's Pancake and Steak House across the parking lot: The Purple Parrot. When I worked at Elmer's, the lounge did not have its own name or its own entrance, I don't believe. But then I was too young to go in there so I could be mistaken.
Now it is 8:30AM and we are awake. Breakfast will ensue shortly.

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