Thursday, May 25, 2006


Next Trip: Chicago Illinois followed by Champaign/Urbana for the wedding of a long time dear friend and a new-time dear friend!

Stolen Photo

The plan is four nights in each destination. I'm working on perfecting my Packing Light Program (PLP).

And clearly if I'm making up acronyms for my ideas, it's time to get away from the office for a week!

One of the major tenets of PLP is that shirts may be worn twice! Pants and skirts even more! For a sense of variety, choose shirts that go with both the skirt and the pants so on the second wearing, they have a different partner! And my new favorite tip: If you're always cold and you're going to a warm destination, bring a thin, long sleeved shirt that will easily fit in your day pack in case you are forced to enter an overly air conditioned establishment. It should not compromise the cuteness of any given outfit. This is a big responsibility to put on a shirt!
This shirt is perfect. It's black (versitile), slim (flattering) and the V in front will show off a little fabric from the shirt worn underneath. It is also currently covered with little bits of whatever piece of paper I washed it with, like so many of my clean clothes at the present.

We leave at the crack of dawn Saturday, stay four nights in Chicago, drive a rental car to C/U and then back to the airport in Chicago next Sunday at an hour too early to contemplate.

I am busy making pre-trip lists. I'm not one of those people who has to have a set itinerary that's followed to the letter, but I do want to know precisely how and when I'm getting from point A to point B (in the airport and hotel sense) and a list of ideas for the things to do in between in case the Perfect Thing does not present itself.

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