Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I love snorkeling...while I'm snorkeling. But I noticed today when I was preparing to take my post-all-day-in-the-sun nap, that when I'm not snorkeling, but only thinking about snorkeling, there are always LOTS of sharks and strong undertows that tend to send little rushes of adrenaline through me, making it difficult to fall asleep. But during the actual experience today, I saw the most amazing fish - some kind of parrot fish - that had green scales that were pink underneath and a yellow, blue and orange tail - all iridescent and simply lovely!

We saw a school of bluish-grey fish that just did not seem to mind if you followed them around. I saw about 3 or 4 little barracuda, but I didn't realize it until after. Not sure if I'd have followed as close if I'd known. Saw a white fish that disappeared against the sandy bottom except for a bright yellow stripe down its side. But the most amazing thing I saw today, and certainly since I've arrived, was a sea turtle! I followed it until I thought the danger of the boat leaving before I could make it back was getting a little high for my comfort zone. He would keep one eye on me, but wasn't too nervous, as he swam (it looked like he was flying!) around and surfaced for air every couple of minutes. After the second stop - on Flamingo beach - I lay on the roof of the boat, absorbing both the heat from the...whatever boat roofs are made of...from below and the sun from above. Just when I thought I may actually overheat, a cool breeze would blow over me and everything was perfect again.
Perfectly warm

Thanks to 15 SPF, the only damage I've sustained is some noticeably widened freckles. Also, I may have a permanent mark around my eyes from having my mask too tight. But I'm not quite sure yet how to make it not leak and also not cut off the circulation in my face. I suspect that will be covered when I start taking Scuba lessons in April. Hopefully Scuba will be fun enough when I'm actually doing it to nullify my daymares of sharks and malfunctioning equipment!

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Aaron said...

Laying out in the sun! If only the weather were nice enough to do that here ... Everything sounds wonderful. :)